How Much Does Cost?

This is the first question I asked of the company when I called them up at their parent company, Clarus Marketing Group in Middletown, Connecticut (if you’re wondering, the phone number is 1-800-869-5597). The program, for those who you haven’t heard, provides cash-back rebates to members for online shipping charges. When I joined, cost me about $150 per year. cost cost

I’m a single mom – I’m busy, I work hard, and I need to find ways to make ends-meat wherever possible. I tend to keep an eye out for offers online. I tend to be the one cutting coupons out of catalogues, or tearing them off of fliers, or signing-up for this-or-that new program or new deal I found while searching the Web for the cheapest box of diapers. Cutting coupons is a lot of work. But, for someone like me, cutting costs is what keeps my family fed.

I’ve learned from experience that in order for me to save money from a program, the cost of it has to work out to be less than whatever I’d otherwise be paying for the same product or service. for the obvious question is, Is legit? To figure this out for myself, I needed the total cost of the program, plus the products I’d be buying with it, to come out to be less than what I’d pay without a membership (i.e. paying shipping charges for all of the products I buy online). To me the math was a no-brainer. As someone who can’t exactly leave the house anytime she pleases (and who doesn’t quite have the time to), I’m the type of person that is going to be doing a lot of shopping online. The fact of limited time, plus the truth that products can often be found cheaper online, are all reasons why I turn to the Internet for a large portion of my shopping. So for me, a program like makes the price of products online cheaper than if I was to shop in the brick-and-mortar world. It gives me access to the same affordability that the online marketplace has to offer, without the annoying excess of shipping charges. This is what validated the program for me as a legitimate business.

I’ll also mention that it was a pleasure to find that when I did call up the company to find out about the cost and to get some other info, a knowledgeable and friendly person was on the other side of the phone ready to help me. The value of solid customer service is always a real plus for me.

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